About Playlist Seattle

Welcome to Playlist Seattle. This series of dramatic works and performances represents the answer to a conundrum I’ve faced since moving to Seattle a few years ago.

On my very first visit to the city, I had the extreme good fortune to attend a performance by one of the musicians who performed with us as part of the inaugural Playlist. Six weeks later, and less than 24 hours after moving here, I was in the front row for another amazing show featuring the rest of the band we highlighted that night – Strong Suit.

Music has always been important to me, and has had a significant and well-considered place in my work. Since those first moments in this city, however, music – Seattle music – has become something even more profound. I have been completely and constantly inspired by not only the songs, but especially the bands and musicians I’ve encountered.

I am not a musician, however. I express myself and my ideas much differently. So the question became, how to channel this inspiration, how to honor these musicians with an artistic response in my own medium.

Playlist Seattle is the beginning of my answer. It is a way to connect the two kinds of artforms and artists. It is an exploration of different, complementary means of expression. I hope it will also be a way to begin new conversations and collaborations.

The pieces you will see through the series will have been developed over a relatively short amount of time. They represent a host of responses to the chosen music. Some are playful. Some are metaphorical. Some stay close to the lyrics. Others go off on seemingly random tangents.

Some will ultimately be ephemeral. But there will be others destined to be developed into larger productions – replayed like that favorite track you listen to a little bit differently than the rest.

I hope you join us to see how truly inspiring Seattle and its music can be.

signature kellyKelly McMahon, Director/Producer